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Living on a mountain requires an acceptance of bipolar weather.  It was 75 degrees yesterday, green with luscious gloriousness.  I spent the day working on little things and resting my body in the bright spring sun.  Today, I woke to grey cloud sprinkles dripping...

I had a conversation with a couple of 80-something year old men today.  They sat across the coffee clad, Bible strewn, lopsided, small town diner table as I spilled my self all over my chair.  I picked up a freshly filled cup and sighed deeper than most would.  They bo...

It’s been snowing. In March. In mid-March.  On March 17 when it is supposed to be warm enough to look for four leaf clover.  It’s also been cold.  And wet.  It’s not fun.  Snow may be pretty, but it is a immense pain.  I am a fair-weather girl and fussing with the elem...

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Lizzy, Learning, and Loving Life in the midst of Change

April 6, 2020

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