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On Water, Wanderings, and Waiting

Living on a mountain requires an acceptance of bipolar weather. It was 75 degrees yesterday, green with luscious gloriousness. I spent the day working on little things and resting my body in the bright spring sun. Today, I woke to grey cloud sprinkles dripping and dripping, all the while threatening to call in their darker and stormier compadres and dump enough water to drown the sun forever. My vile weather app tells me the of this week it will barely reach the 60's. In preparation, I have tossed my tank top aside for a sweater. You see, at this time of year one must keep two sets of clothing handy, for the weather is quite fickle. It is not uncommon for to start in sweats and then

On Suppositions, Sages and Strapping Up Those Boots

I had a conversation with a couple of 80-something year old men today. They sat across the coffee clad, Bible strewn, lopsided, small town diner table as I spilled my self all over my chair. I picked up a freshly filled cup and sighed deeper than most would. They both raised their brows in the kind of inquiry only old men can do. I ignored them at first. Across from me sat more than 100 years combined experience in loving God, loving the church, loving the lost and loving the world. These two men have weathered greater trials than I can fathom and they have done it standing resolutely next to their Lord. No matter how hard it got they did not abandon him. No matter how unfairly they w

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