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On Snowflakes, Laundry, and My Arch Nemesis

It’s been snowing. In March. In mid-March. On March 17 when it is supposed to be warm enough to look for four leaf clover. It’s also been cold. And wet. It’s not fun. Snow may be pretty, but it is a immense pain. I am a fair-weather girl and fussing with the elements makes me tense. Who can hike in 10 inches of snow? My time outside drizzles to a few moments under the falling flakes. As an avid outdoors man, a few moments in my back yard are akin to a chocolate chip given to a Ghirardelli connoisseur. It is too little and without flavor. I stood in my backyard pouting a colossal pout. Yes, pastors do pout. We have those moments when things are not what we want them to be and our em

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