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On Green Plastic, Black Books and What Love Looks Like

The podium was wrapped in green. It just did not seem right to speak of such a life behind a labeled stand. It was purposefully wrapped so as not to detract one eye away from the beauty gracing the walls. The room filled quickly, people gently hugging and talking soflty as they sought out seats with those they already knew. Those familiar seats disappeared like a vapor with the number of people who loved her. In fact every seat filled up until those who had come late or dawdled too long at the cookie table were left standing in the back. No one seemed to mind. I sat in the front row, next to Tim and an empty chair, waiting for the clock to strike two. It did, and I set my mind to begin t

On Merry-Go-Rounds, Motives and Maddening Manipulations

My community is passionate. Our emotional and spiritual fuel can create enough energy to launch a rocket. Sometimes it does. Life refuses to submit to our expectations; and the rebel it is can frustrate my precious and precocious people. When our world tumbles instead of following our order to flow, we can get a bit upset. Complaints and questions grow large and conversations, sometimes weepy, sometimes angry and sometimes a lovely, wild, mixture, ensue. We hash it out, insisting that the dissonance of life will not keep us from getting where the good Lord has told us to go. It can get ugly. Words are powerful things, and when someone lets the irritation of their heart furrow the work

On Dead Mothers, Demons and Decisions

My mother died sometime this summer. I don’t remember which day. I found out in the morning while I was sitting on my porch drinking coffee and watching my dogs chase each other around the Mojave we call the back yard. I did not think I would get a call from my brother telling me they had found her. She was alone when she died, sitting on her couch. She had no family to care for her, no friends with which to share her life. No one knew she was gone for longer than anyone wants to admit. She died as she had lived—totally self-absorbed. I know this sounds uncaring— harsh even. Rest assured that I forgave her years ago. I grieved that she was who she was and that I could not change her a

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